Update 4th November 2009

New total (drum roll)…..1127!!

Will keep this “brief” – get it?  Well I’ve had to hear it lots so might as well say it once myself.

Just did a pick up at Stella’s and collected an unbelievable 488 items, this is amazing as has taken her less than 2 weeks to collect this.  Special thanks to her colleagues at Standard Life and to her friend Andrea, and Andrea’s colleagues at St John’s Hospital in Livingston.

At the risk of sounding boring, I just have to say again, that the response has been unbelievable!  Just today a friend called to say a shop and primary school in Limekilns were interested in getting involved, my lovely goddaughter has St Margarets Academy in Livingston advertising our appeal on their plasma screens, another friend in South Queensferry has put the word out and is collecting.  Last night a friend of my mum called to say she is getting the hospital where she works in Edinburgh involved, add to all that I know that Bright Grey and Scottish Life are busy collecting! 

Was in contact with one of the women who distribute in Kenya tonight and told her I had over 1000 items already, given we really only started a couple of few ago, I think her response sums up perfectly what I think as well.

Her response was “Holy shit”


3 Responses to “Update 4th November 2009”

  1. Abi Sloan Says:

    We have another ten pairs of boys that have been left in our “pants postbox” – 1137 and collecting some from a friend tonight! I can’t believe how many people want to get involved, it’s very touching!

  2. anna stephenson Says:

    Hi, I am the mum who lives in Limekilns. I talked to the headmistress today of the school and she has asked me to take some information in. She hasnt actually agreed yet as I know the school are putting boxes together for Ethiopia just now which include underwear but I suppose if it all gets there that is what matters. Fingers crossed though, I will take the info to her tomorrow, keep up the good work.

  3. smallsforall Says:

    Hi Anna, thanks for getting in touch. Appreciate there is lots of charity things going on, especially at this time of year so no worries as completely agree that as long as help gets where its needed.

    Will hopefully be posting another update after the weekend as will be out in the knicker mobile doing pick ups!

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