Update 12th November 2009

1832 items!!  with more on the way.  Thanks to everyone, but a special mention has to go to Visit Scotland (via Nicola).

A couple of things I need to let you know about.

Firstly, I talked about going back to Ethiopia this year and taking your donations to the orphanages supported by Ethiopian Orphanage Relief (through talking to Danielle the founder) and the orphanage I worked in.  Danielle is going to be in Addis in December and we’ve agreed that I will look into courier services to send the underwear to where she will be staying, and she will distribute.  I struggled a bit with this as the intention was for me to take the underwear myself, but am confident that our donations will get to the orphanages through Danielle.  It’s not concrete but this is the plan.

There is good and bad news on the back of this revised plan!  The good news is that given the overwhelming support and enthusiasm of people,  I’ve made plans to support the distributor in Kenya!! Therefore the bad news is that we (you!) need to keep collecting…

There is a trip scheduled for January but felt this was a bit soon, once I know dates for the trip I will let you know but it will be next year.



4 Responses to “Update 12th November 2009”

  1. Abi Sloan Says:

    Can we have a new target to work towards please ? 2000 was too easy ! 🙂

  2. smallsforall Says:

    2,ooo was far too easy as I know of another 300 odd that I need to collect. Don’t want to appear greedy or unappreciative of all the good work so far, but Kenya will be a “biggie” so might need to double the 2000 and add a bit…
    Will catch up with you early next week re your offer of writing to some of the shops.

  3. Stella Leitch Says:

    Well, I’ve already got another 100 + items with promises of more. I’ve extended the deadline at work to the end of November as so any people are asking me if I’m still collecting. So I can tell then a resounding ‘YES’ and aim to double my target! Great to see this is going help so many people!

  4. smallsforall Says:

    what are you like?? that is great news, I reckon we will have 2,500 by the end of next week!

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