Update 16th November 2009

2141!  Was like a kid at Christmas going into work today as just knew there would be “stuff” on my desk!  Wasn’t disappointed as in total there were 309 items in carrier bags and a box.

BIG thanks to Shannen and her friends as they collected 134 items!  Bettsie wimped out collecting them for me so they had to post them.  Am sure the kids in Ethiopia will love the knickers.

Will keep posting updates on the number of donations as we go, but at the end of the month will do a “monthly roundup” summary as will hopefully have an update on the arrangements for getting the stuff to Ethiopia, a wee fundraiser that will raise money for Children In Need and Smalls for All and progress (if any) on getting Smalls for All accepted as a charity as this will help with ie approaching shops etc.



6 Responses to “Update 16th November 2009”

  1. Stella Leitch Says:

    Well Ms M I almost have another suitcase full for you! I came in to a big box of smalls sitting under my desk this morning, thanks to Michelle Allan’s friends in Standard Life Sales! Not counted them all yet but I think that will take my total to at least 350! I’ll leave it to the end of the week and then I’ll drop them around at the weekend if that suits? A big thanks to all my colleagues at Standard Life who have been so generous, and to Angel Andrea and her colleagues at St John’s for collecting even more undies x

  2. smallsforall Says:

    Stella, that is amazing! Cannot believe when we sat and discussed your target in the Livvy Inn (500 went to 300 then you settled on 400!), that in a couple of weeks you’ve smashed it! Would be great to see you at the weekend, I’ll be posting a”monthly roundup” on the 20th as that will have been a calendar month since I sent out my “anyone want to help” email.
    Truly can’t believe how much underwear I have in my house now, god help me in a couple of weeks if we carry on as we have been.
    BIG thanks to Standard Life, Andrea and St John’s.

  3. Ruby Says:

    Hi Maria

    I’m getting myself into gear (first at least!!) and will be ramping up the collection in my building this week. Have also got a friend of Stellas in one of the other Sky buildings collecting 🙂 We will combine our efforts and pass on before the 4th Dec.

    Well Done!!


  4. smallsforall Says:

    I’ve done nought, can’t believe the generosity of people and their willingness to get involved. It seems everyone I speak to is handing me bras and knickers! Came home tonight to find knickers stuffed through the door from one of my neighbours. Its absolutely MAD but fabby!

  5. Jo (Weds Pilates) Says:

    Hi Maria

    I hit the M&S Outlet with a vengeance this morning. Not much in the way of bras but their packs of knickers are on a ‘3 for 2′ offer at the moment – that’s 15 knickers for £10! Unfortunately they had nothing for kids – I think all of the Xmas stuff has taken over from the kiddies’ clothing lines.

    Will bring them along on Wednesday.


  6. smallsforall Says:

    Jo, I’m so sorry as got completely mixed up! After class I was saying “thanks very much” to Jo and she was looking at me just blankly but when I realised I had the wrong Jo you had gone! Feel terrible, but thank you very much for the bag of underwear and apologies I didn’t acknowledge your posting.

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