Update 29th November 2009

I’ve not posted an update since the 20th, apologies but was holding off until I knew Ethiopia was sorted and I knew more about Kenya. 

SO thanks to Alan, Jacqui and Toshy (Ian) we are sorted with a courier to take the 1000 items to Ethiopia!  Today I have spent the afternoon sorting out the 1000 that I promised Danielle, and was really chuffed to get a bit of my dining room back.  However, won’t be for long as expecting in the region of 500+ items this week….

Last night, about 10.30pm (hate dealing with the time difference between here and America!) I got confirmation  that I am going to Kenya in January.  Need to sort flights etc out but will give more detail later.



2 Responses to “Update 29th November 2009”

  1. Margaret Ritchie Says:

    I read an article in the Dailly Record and found it quite upsetting. Thank God for people like you. I scaned it and sent it round the office so hopefully I’ll get a good response. I went to Primark at lunchtime today and bought some bras and pants. I spent £11 and got 2 bras and 10 pairs of pants. It’s hard to beleive in this day and age that spending so little could make such a difference to these womans life.
    Keep up the good work.

    • smallsforall Says:

      Hi Margaret, am really sorry that it upset you but really grateful for your support! I’m actually just sitting at heathrow waiting on my flight back to Kenya, taking more underwear over but when I get back the focus will be on Zimbabwe. I get back next weekend so will post an update. Thanks so much for spreading the word and getting people involved. Maria

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