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Update 14 December 2009

December 14, 2009

5650 new total!! 

Keep your fingers crossed that the 1,000 undies have made their way safely to Ethiopia, they should have arrived yesterday to be met by Danielle. Will post an update once I hear from her.  You may see in the local press a bit about us as City Link’s PR people have put out a wee press release.
As you can see from the new total people have still been busy – thanks to Stella (again!), Andrea and Nicola (St Johns), Ashley, Glenda and colleagues at Silver Mills, family and neighbours, Becky and colleagues and NBST.  Will miss the “drop your pants here” sign…

Am now in the process of “bagging” the undies for Kenya. THANKS to Malcolm and Sioban for donating the vacu bags – saved me a fortune.  Never used these bags before, they are brilliant, love the bit when you hoover out the air and yes, yes no need for smart comments about “at last something that makes you get the hoover out”.Thanks to Rosslyn for giving up 3 hours of her time yesterday, I now have 2 suitcases packed and ready for Kenya!  

Will be doing my monthly roundup at the weekend – hopefully will be able to update you on Ethiopia, Kenya & charitable status.




Update 5 December 2009

December 5, 2009

4424 is the new total!!! 

Was out in the knicker mobile on Friday and picked up 958 items!  South Queensferry was the place to be.  Did a quick pick up from my friend Karen – BIG thanks to her family and friends then it was off to meet Ian, Caroline and Ann.  God knows what people must have thought as they seen us stuffing bags of undies into my boot – thankfully got home without crashing as that would have taken some explaining – hundreds of undies strewn across the M8.  Thanks to the folks of Limekilns and surrounding villages  (Caroline and Ian) and LBS (Les and colleagues).  Also to the others who have dropped off at my desk,  special mention to Lynn D as she’s the first person to find plastic pants – Boots in Hamilton if you want to know.

Have another 2 pick ups that I know about next week so will keep you posted.

My new best friend is City Link as they are picking up the 1,000 items on Monday.  Thanks to Steven for sorting the boxes and taking the photos (see photo gallery!) and to Jane for her help in packing the boxes.  City Link are shipping our undies to Ethiopia for  nought!  They have been brilliant in sorting me out and because I don’t have the expense of going back to Ethiopia myself, or paying the shipping have confirmed my place to go to Kenya on 4th January.  More on that later.

SO been a busy time for smallsforall but its fabby to see it all coming together and the fact I have literally thousands of undies stashed around the house gives me the perfect excuse not to have Christmas dinner at my house, the fact I can’t cook doesn’t even come into it this year.  THANK YOU all for your encouragement, support and donations.