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Update 4 January 2010

January 4, 2010


Hope you all had a good one and the PANTS weather didn’t stop you from seeing family, friends and enjoying yourself.

Well, am sitting at Heathrow feeling very pleased with  myself as have been stressing for days over getting here!  Have had to abandon my car several times due to the flippin bad weather, done my back in on Wednesday and had the cold lingering about.  However, several heat pads and hot water bottles later back is on the mend, sniffles drying up and thanks to my family and friends (and brother’s friend’s)  I’m checked in, bags are gone (what a relief) and in about an hour I should be meeting the American ladies.

Special mention to Rob and Glen, my new heroes!  With the bad weather and my car being useless was in a bit of a panic about how I was going to get 2 suitcases (if I tell you I’ve just paid £60.00 excess baggage you get an idea of how heavy the bags were) and myself to Edinburgh given the dodgy back and lack of car.  Well they turned up at my door on Sunday afternoon and took the bags to Edinburgh for me – what stars and if I tell you I’ve only met Glen once and never met Rob you can understand how grateful I am that they went out their way to help me out.  It was then a doddle getting to Edinburgh later, Scotrail behaved themselves and I stayed over at my mum’s.  Taxi turned up at 6.45am, got to Waverley to meet Rosslyn (thanks for getting up early) who then helped me on the 8am train to London.  Easy peasy, don’t know why I was worrying…

Wee update on our total – thanks to Gerry, Aileen & her colleagues at Sixt and Susan (again) for the donations – new total is 6341.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated – will post an update when I’m back. 


 PS need to put a few of you straight on the “lucky you, escaping this weather to somewhere nice and hot”,  items on the “need to take with you” list is wellies and a rain jacket!!