August 2010 – Monthly Roundup

New total 12453!!

SC041689 – it’s official.  On 10 August I received a letter confirming that Smalls For All meets the charity test under the Charity and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and charitable status was granted!  Getting official charitable status means we can approach more organisations for support.  The first thing we have looked at is creating a proper identity and I am very grateful to navyblue, a design agency in Edinburgh who are producing a logo and website for Smalls For All.

It’s been a really busy month as the response to the Reader’s Digest has been incredible.  106 people have contacted me after reading the article and as you can see from the new overall total, people have been very generous.  The parcels are continuing to arrive, my postman is pleased.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me and sent parcels, I’ve replied to everyone who sent me underwear that gave contact details but some parcels I had no way of knowing who they were from.  However, I didn’t have a problem with knowing who sent me 4 huge bags full of underwear.    Ann from Dublin asked the people in her church to donate and within days was awash with pants and bras.  I had no idea how I was going to get the underwear from Dublin to Livingston but my friend David Trotman who works for D&D Stainless Ltd had a contact in Dublin (Leslie Reynolds & Co) and they kindly shipped the underwear to me free of charge.  I’m really grateful as thought I was going to have to fly over and collect it.  I’d also like to say thank you to Brenda for meeting me in Morrisions car park on Saturday.  Brenda was up for a long weekend and met me to hand over more than 100 items of underwear.


On Sunday 1 August I waved goodbye to 5559 items of underwear.  Shirley and her husband Phanuel from Positive Youth programme had driven up from Ipswich to collect the underwear we were giving to support the “Dignity Restored” campaign.  This campaign is aimed at restoring girls and women’s dignity by giving them underwear in conjunction with a HIV and AIDS awareness campaign.  Shirley is going over to Gweru to oversee the distribution in October, so we will hopefully get an update from her in November.

Thanks again to Lynn and Malcolm for the use of their garage and help in packing the underwear. 


NEW pants, and new or gently worn bras.

Knickers – ladies size 8 – 16

Boys / Girls – aged 3 – 15


2 Responses to “August 2010 – Monthly Roundup”

  1. Karen Lennie Says:

    Hi, I am an officer in Girls Brigade a uniformed girls organisation and intend to collect for your charity. Could you email me some more information so I can do a letter to all our 150+ girls and also do you have a postal address?
    Great cause, I read about it in Readers Digest.
    Thank you

  2. Jenny Says:

    Similar question from me really. How do we get donations to you? Cannot see any information on that on the web.


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