Dec – Monthly Roundup!

6011 items collected so far!!  And we’re still collecting.

This week I’ve had donations from Jill (pilates), St John the Baptist in Corstorphine, Mary, Susan and Joyce.  My garage is now officially the stockroom, now houses over 5,000 items.  BIG thanks to Rosslyn for spending 3 hours last Sunday sorting and bagging, and to Angela and Dennis for walking the knicker thief for me.  Was looking after a dog and as we were sorting she thought it was funny to steal the bags of knickers.  Needless to say I didn’t think it was funny.

Won’t bore you again with saying “thanks” but I can’t believe how many people have got involved.  This blog has had 1352 hits since we started, busiest day was 18 November with 241 hits.


I’m meeting with a lady from EVOC on Tuesday 22 December so will let you know how it goes.


City Link collected the 1000 as promised, thought there was going to be an issue as they were looking for a “proper” address but only had a street name.  However, funnily enough its very, very obvious which is the hotel so have every confidence that the knickers will find their way.  The ladies from Ethiopian Orphanage Relief arrived on Saturday 12 December and will be leaving today, the 20th.  Haven’t heard from Danielle but am not too worried as getting internet access can be difficult, I had to travel an hour and a half, and given Danielle had a pretty busy schedule distributing to the orphanages didn’t really expect to hear from her.  Hopefully I’ll hear from her this week and will let you know (fingers crossed).


Can’t believe that in 2 weeks I’ll be heading to to London to meet 5 Americans from Mothers Fighting For Others!  (THANKS Annie for sorting my travel).

The plan is I get the 8am train to London on Monday 4 January, jump on the Heathrow Express and meet Racquel and the others for the 9.20pm flight to Nairobi.  We land at 9.05am and go straight to Shalom City refugee camp.  Have only managed to get 1501 items of undies in the 2 suitcases (suitcases donated by Stella) but to be honest don’t think I could carry much more.  Now whilst I am used to travelling light (no comments from friends that I go on holiday with) when doing these trips, my luggage this time needs to get into a carry on rucksack which is freaking me out a bit.  I keep telling myself “I can do this, I can do this”.

I leave Nairobi on 14 January on the 12.50pm flight and get back to London about 7pm.  We weren’t sure I’d make a flight back so am on the 11.50pm train back to Edinburgh.  For those of you who travel to work by train via Waverley, I won’t be offended if you avoid me as not sure how clean I will be…


Does anyone have old suitcases that they were going to get rid of??  If so, please don’t bin as I could use for the next trip (no firm plans as yet).


2 Responses to “Dec – Monthly Roundup!”

  1. Rocky Turner Says:

    I’m so excited to finally met you!!

  2. smallsforall Says:

    Not as excited as me! Cannae wait – just hoping I find you ok at Heathrow.
    Am I really only allowed to take 2 pairs of jeans?? 😦
    only joking, I CAN do travelling light….

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