December 2010 – Monthly Roundup

New total 15111!

Amazing that in a year we have collected over 15,000 items of underwear, this total would have been more but the bad weather has hampered my deliveries!  I’m still receiving emails on the back of the Reader’s Digest article that appeared in the summer.

As well as collecting underwear there has been a fair bit of fundraising done since my last update.  Whilst I’m extremely grateful, I do get nervous when people say to me they’ve had an idea to raise money as I worry there is an expectation that I should join in. For those that know me you will know that there is NO WAY for example I would jump out of an aeroplane, even with a parachute.  So when Roger mentioned he was planning a charity “body balance” class my heart sank a bit, I tried to pay not to do the class but on the 23 November I found myself with 11 other colleagues down at Silvermills taking part in an hour long class.  The night raised £130 so BIG thank you to Roger and everyone else who took part.

 If my heart sank at the thought of an exercise class, it almost stopped when Vikki talked to me about climbing Kilimanjaro.  However, it restarted when she said that she and her husband (Ted) had been planning this for a while and they decided to raise money for Smalls.  Their expedition starts on 26 February when they fly to Nairobi.  I’ve asked Vikki to let us know how her training goes so will be posting her updates, her first update is below.

And whilst I tell this story I’m also saying “drink responsibly”.  On 14 December we had our team night out.  I have no idea why Mike thought it was a good idea (I can tell you that the following morning he realised it wasn’t) to drink a disgusting cocktail of beer and something called a “squashed frog”.  However, by doing so he raised £50 for Smalls, so thanks Mike 🙂

 The sale of the calendars has been going really well, so well in fact that I was able to send Sarah’s 2011 school fees last week – thanks again to everyone who bought a calendar.  There are still a few left so if anyone would like to buy one then please let me know.

Website is still work in progress so watch this space!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I hope the bad weather doesn’t disrupt your plans for the festive period.

Thanks again for all your help and support for Smalls for All


 Vikki’s adventures….

 23rd October Paris to Aviemore!!

Well this weekend ted and I were supposed to be jetting off to Paris for a romantic weekend but due to the stroppy French going on strike we decided not to go. Instead we thought we would put the time to good use and come to Aviemore for the weekend for lots of lovely training walks!!

First off we found a route called Torr Alvie and the Duke of Gordon Monument. The website we found it on said it had a difficulty level of 2 “boots” out of 5!  I’m not sure if “boots” is a recognised level of hillwalking difficulty but we went with it anyway.

We cracked open our new boots and other gear before we got on our way. Unfortunately my waterproofs hadn’t arrived before we left the house so ted’s brother Alan lent me a waterproof jacket. Ted decided he was really going for it and put on a shirt, cardi, 700 weight down jacket and a waterproof jacket over the top. I suggested it might be a bit excessive but he was having none of it!

So we set off with teds iPhone leading the way! (how did he live without it!)

We made our way through a field and onto a forest path. After 10 mins Ted declared he was too hot, hate to say I told you so…

I got more and more upset as my boots got dirty 😦 it’s not meant to happen on their first outing! Ted on the other hand got more and more happy as it made him feel like a wee boy again!

Turns out “2 boots” isn’t that high on the walking difficulty scale and we made it to the top in half an hour. Not quite the challenge we hoped for but it’s a start at least! We took our obligatory summit photo and headed back down.

We jumped back in the car and headed to the dazzling metropolis that is Aviemore town centre! After visiting every shop (which took all of half an hour, and believe me I can shop) we headed back to the hotel at around 5. Dinner was booked for 7.30 so we had time to spare. I decided to continue the good work of the afternoon and go to the gym, rather than sit in the room reading the paper, eating chocolate eclairs! I managed most of the workout I’d been given to help me with my preparation ( I cut the run short as I was short on time. It takes me ages to dry my hair now it’s cut short, what’s that all about??) I walked back to the room feeling very smug that I’d managed a double whammy of training. When I got back to the room I
Discovered ted had spent his time reading the paper and eating eclairs. Feel extra smug now!

Vikki and ted xxx

Walk stats:

How long we walked : 1hr 3mins
What we ate: m&s chocolate raisins (the food of champions)
Number of times ted said he liked my/alan’s jacket: 7
What we talked about:
which farmyard animal can’t get up when you push it over?
Can chocolate eclairs make you short of breath?
Is there a gap in market for trendy walking gear? (I personally think so!)
What made us do this walk in the first place? (we still can’t agree!)


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