February 2010 – Monthly Roundup!

6505 is the new total of underwear collected.  So thanks to people who have given this year, and have 2 other “thank you” to say.  Firstly to Ken Pullen, you may have seen Ken contacted me through the blog with an offer of football strips.  Well thanks to Ken, Ogwini High School in South Africa are now the proud owners of those football strips. These were taken over by Gracemount High School.

Secondly, thanks to Susan and Laura for holding Smalls For All’s first fundraiser!  They held a Virgin Vie party on Sunday 7th February.  It was a great afternoon and I really appreciate them organising this, and for thinking about Smalls For All.

For those of you who have been with “Smalls” from the beginning you will know this started because of a story I’d heard about girls and women in Zimbabwe.  Well I’m really excited to be able to share with you that I’ve been talking with a woman (Shirley) who organises underwear to be taken to Gweru, Zimbabwe.  I’ve agreed to support their “Dignity Restored” campaign.  The economic crisis in Zimbabwe has left many women unable to afford underwear thus threatening their dignity.  The Dignity Restored campaign is aimed at restoring young women’s dignity by donating underwear as part of a HIV and AIDS campaign for young girls.  I’ve also agreed to try and get them football strips for a football tournament they are holding later in the year.  The football tournament will also raise awareness of HIV and AIDS amongst young people. 

Shirley and I are working to a date of mid June to have the underwear (and strips if possible) ready for collection as they plan to go over June / July time.  The timings really just depend on how well the donations go.


Paperwork has been submitted,  now just have to wait and see if we’re successful.  Thanks to Karen at EVOC for her help.


Sorry no update   Not sure this is a case of “no news is good news”, hopefully will hear something soon.


I’m going back in April.  I wasn’t meant to be and had every intention of going back in August but I was emotionally blackmailed, and I have no willpower.  Basically, as I’m the one with the underwear there won’t be an underwear drop until I go back SO have underwear lying about in my garage OR with people who need it…hmmm.

So flights from London to Nairobi are booked (thanks Annie), just need to work out how to get to London with (hopefully) 2000 knickers and back.

In January when we were at Kikopey IDP camp, the kids went a bit mad!  I didn’t expect their reaction but quickly took a wee video clip (approx 20 seconds) and have posted it for you to see.  Check out “Kikopey video” in “What’s it all about”, it’s very amateurish as one minute I was handing out underwear and the next the place was in an uproar.

I’m actually really happy to be going back as some of you will know that I paid for 2 wee girls (Ruth and  Maureen) school fees for 2nd and 3rd term, and plan on paying their sponsorship so they can stay in school.  Well today I received letters from both of them, and I’m so hyper that in 9 weeks I’ll be seeing them again!!

Can you help?

Do you have any unwanted suitcases that you are going to throw out?  If so, please don’t as I could use them to take the undies over to Kenya.

Do you have, or know of anyone that has unwanted football strips?  Need shorts and tops for 10-25 year olds.  These will be sent to Gweru, Zimbabwe.

Knickers – ladies (size 8, 10 & 12) and girls / boys aged 3-15.


12 Responses to “February 2010 – Monthly Roundup!”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Thanks for your support Maria. We look forward to working with you!!

  2. Nikki Says:

    Hi, who do we contact to get an address to send bras and knickers etc? Cant see any contact info on the site. Cheers

  3. Angela Says:

    Do you still need suitcases? I have some, if you are able to collect them from West Yorkshire.

    • smallsforall Says:

      Hi Angela, thanks very much for getting in touch and also for the offer of suitcases. I do have around 12 just now so think that should do me for the moment as won’t be using suitcases for Zimbabwe. I really appreciate the offer though.

  4. Maggie Says:

    Hi, I live in Kilmarnock, can you tell me where the nearest place for me to hand in pants.



  5. Val Bateman Says:

    Do you have an address I can send the pants to?

  6. Val Fisher Says:

    read your article in the Reader’s Digest and would like to support your work with young women in Africa,please e-mail an address to send my pant donations to you.

  7. siobhan treanor Says:

    saw your article in the reader digest.I would like to have an address to send the pants to.I live in Emyvale, Co Monaghan, Southern Ireland.

  8. Caroline Nelson Says:

    Hi Maria
    I read about you in the RD, you are doing an amazing job. We would like to add your information to our website, http://www.disposalknowhow.co.uk.
    Can you give us details of where people send bras and knickers? Thanks

    • smallsforall Says:

      Hi Caroline, thanks for getting in touch, and thanks for showing interest in Smalls For All.
      I collect new pants and new or gently worn bras and at the moment all the undies are being delivered to my home address. If you want more information please email me on maria.macnamara@hotmail.co.uk.
      thanks again.

  9. kerry Says:

    Hi Maria, Please contact me with address to send Knickers etc. Many thanks. Well done for all your fantastic work.

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