June 2010 – Monthly Roundup

New total 9837! 

First of all I just want to say how sorry I was to hear the sad news that Boudiche had gone into administration.  Without the help and support from Clare, Fiona and the girls, the Dignity Restored appeal for Zimbabwe would not have been so successful. I wish them all the very best for the future.

Last month I mentioned holding a charity fundraiser on 30 October in the Carlton Highland Hotel and said that I hoped I wouldn’t be sitting on my own, well the response has been phenomenal.  I haven’t designed, printed or even asked people to buy a ticket and already have had more people ask me to reserve tickets than I thought I would get along.   I’m now in the great position of having to go back to the hotel to see if I can amend numbers.

Angels (running for Smalls For All) raised an amazing £588 by running in the blistering heat on Sunday 23rd May in the Edinburgh marathon.  Thanks again to Stella, Val, Audrey and Evelyn.  Amazingly they were still standing and smiling by the end of it!

Thanks also to Lynsey and her colleagues for collecting yet more underwear and for their monetary donation. 

Thanks to Vanity Fair (Erskine), for their donation of underwear.

I shouldn’t be surprised by the random situations I find myself in now but I did have to laugh at myself as I stood on the corner of Thistle Street, waiting to meet a lady and her husband who were dropping off underwear.  Having never met Suzi before we told each other what we were wearing so it all turned out fine.  Thanks Suzi, and to your friends and colleagues at Standard Life for the box and 2 bags of underwear.


No news as yet.


Knickers – ladies (8, 10 &12).  We’re into the final stages of collecting as much as we can for Zimbabwe as the plan is to hand our donations over mid to late July.


One Response to “June 2010 – Monthly Roundup”

  1. Joan Austin Says:

    I read about you in Readers Digest. Where do you want donations sent to?

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