March 2010 – Monthly Roundup!

The 2010 annual appeal is underway!! New total is 6791.

I appreciate is feels like no time at all since I was last asking for your help but I need to kick off the appeal this early in the year to support my trip to Kenya in April and Zimbabwe in the summer.  This campaign will run until 5 June but as you know I will continue taking donations throughout the year.

I’m just back from visiting my friend who is working abroad so had lots of time to think when she was working, and must admit to having a few panic attacks in terms of thinking what am I doing and worrying about committing to helping people, and then letting them down.  People are so busy these days and it feels like every other day there are pleas for help to raise money for local and worldwide needy causes.  However, with so much support from you lot I’m really confident that Smalls will deliver what is needed – had to laugh at a text I got from Bettsie when I was away – he went into Primark and cleared them out of boys knickers – 138 pairs to be exact!!  Since getting back on Friday afternoon I’ve also had 3 pieces of FANTASTIC news.

Firstly, one of Scotland’s favourite lingerie boutiques are going to be supporting Smalls For All! Can’t give full details just now as we’re still finalising the details but am so grateful for their support.  More on this next month!

Secondly, my fabby pilates teacher has organised a “swishing party”, clothes swapping before your imagination runs away with you!  Had  never heard of this before but it’s where you take your unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, accessories.  They are then all put together and then the swapping starts.  However,  Jo is also collecting for Smalls For All – thanks Jo for thinking of us.  The party will be held on Friday 9th April at 6pm at AtticSalt Pilates Studio.

Lastly, Stella is hoping to enter a team to run the Edinburgh Marathon on 23 May, in aid of Smalls For All.  The money raised will be used to cover some operational costs.

Thanks to everyone who is helping organise collection points and getting the word out there.


Work in progress – we’ve had an acknowledgement but can take up to 3 months to process 😦


Heard nothing but will keep chasing 😦


Thanks to Susan S and Bettsie for donating suitcases / bags, will be using them for the April trip back to Kenya.  In 5 weeks I’ll be back dishing out pants to the kids at the IDP camps!! 🙂

Can you help?

Do you have, or know of anyone that has unwanted football strips?  Need shorts and tops for 10-25 year olds.  These will be sent to Gweru, Zimbabwe.

Knickers – ladies (8,10 & 12) and girls / boys aged 3-15.


2 Responses to “March 2010 – Monthly Roundup!”

  1. angela donnelly Says:

    Hi – can you please tell me where I can hand all my bras/underwear into I will also distribute this information to my work colleagues also so a quick reply would be appreciated.
    Angela (Bellshill, Lanarkshire)

    • smallsforall Says:

      Hi Angela, thanks for getting in touch. There are collection points in the Boudiche shops in Edinburgh and Glasgow, or if that doesn’t suit people then I could arrange to collect from you?

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