November 2010 – Monthly Roundup

New total 14567!!

Over a thousand items of underwear have been donated in the last month.  Special thanks to Aileen Brennan and the ladies from Forres for organising a collection through a local shop, and to Aileen for meeting me in the Gyle car park to handover.  Thanks also to Janet (and Kevin for being a pants mule) for organising a collection at Barclays call centre in Southampton.  A special mention to my Uncle Jimmy and the staff from the Scottish Ambulance Service for their generous donation and to everyone who attended the Smalls for All fundraiser at the Carlton on 30 October for bringing along packs of knickers!  It was a great boost to the stockroom, especially as the Carlton staff kindly donated as well.

 If you add in the fact that there is still a steady stream of underwear arriving through the mail, mainly from Reader’s Digest readers, it’s easy to see why I will be planning another underwear delivery.  We have a “healthy” stock again (thanks as usual to Lynn for sorting & counting).

The event at the Carlton was “pantastic”.  With it being the first time I’d held a fundraising event I was having nightmares about all the things that could go wrong! But I shouldn’t have worried.  The hotel staff couldn’t have been more helpful, the meal was lovely and Craig Hill a great host. Everyone I have spoken to really enjoyed themselves!  And the most important thing was that we raised nearly £8,000 which was just amazing! A big part of it going so well was down to the hard work of Rosslyn, Vikki, Jacqui and Susan. So I think I can safely say that the evening was everything I could have hoped for and more. 

We also used the evening as an opportunity to launch the “Smalls for All” calendar.  Sales have being going well with over £600 being raised so far.  If you’d like to purchase a copy, please let me know, they are on sale for £5 and ALL proceeds will be spent on funding Sarah’s education.

I have no concrete plans for another trip this year, partly as I only have 3 days holidays left!  But I am thinking of early next year or possibly April.  However the timing of my next trip and the plans for how we spend the money we have been raising, are all part of the work that is now going into the Smalls for All 2011 plan.  More information on that in my next updtae.

 And finally, the website is being worked on at the moment so fingers crossed that by the time of my next update we will haveit up and running –  what a lovely Christmas present that would be 🙂


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