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What 1,000 pants look like

Ethiopia - what 1,000 pants look like!

1000 boxed and ready to go
Ethiopia – 1,000 boxed and ready to go
Kenya - what 4000 pairs of pants look like!
Kenya – what 4000 pairs of pants look like!
First IDP camp – Jikaze
Jikaze 2010
Jikaze 2010
Jikaze 2010
Jikaze 2010
Jikaze 2010
Jikaze 2010
Jikaze 2010
Jikaze 2010
2nd IDP camp – Kikopey

Kikopey Gentleman

Kikopey pre-pants

Kikopey pre-pants

Kikopey blackboard

Kikopey post-pants

Kikopey post-pants

3rd IDP camp – Pipeline

Pipeline 2010

Pipeline 2010


15 Responses to “Photo Gallery”

  1. Stella Leitch Says:

    Oh wow, it is just fantastic to see the pants reaching all those we had in mind we wanted to help. Well done Maria, what an amazing achievement. I was actually quite emotional looking at these pictures! I’ve enjoyed every second of my involvement in this project (even when a bag of pants and bras fell out of the bag I placed in the overhead luggage shelf on a very packed train, onto an unsuspecting an very embarrassed teenage boy!). Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help!

  2. Joyce Dalgleish Says:

    I am with Stella on this one (apart from the pants falling on a stranger’s head!) . Fabulous to see these pictures and yes it is quite emotional to see these kids. Amazing! Jx

  3. Richard and Fiona Buchanan Says:

    These pictures are brilliant. I felt a wee prickle in my eyes too, looking at them. Thanks very much for posting them. This was an issue that my wife and daughter (and me) immediately related to and wanted to support. You’ve done a brilliant job. You’ve impacted on the day to day lives of these people in such a generous and sensitive way. Well done you!

  4. Tracey Fowler Says:

    An amazing project carried out by amazing selfless & caring people. A true inspiration. Will wait till I get home to spend time looking at the pictures, can’t see right now through extremely tearful eyes right now !!! I think the organisers and volunteers are to be commended, what a difference you all make , you just have to look at the childrens little faces.what a better world we would live in if there where more poeple like you – true angels on earth.

  5. Dawn Says:

    Nice to see the children all so happy. You did a very good job with all of this!

  6. Emily leitch Says:

    Well done maria!!!

    I wish you the very best of luck in the future and i think what you did was amazing!

  7. Gerry Says:

    Hi Maria

    Great to see the result of all your work and how somrthing so small can mean so much to the children.


  8. Barbara McGoldrick(Gerry's sister) Says:

    Dear Maria,
    Gerry Leonard’s sister here. Having collected at least 50 pairs from friends at my school which I know from Gerry will go on the next trip, I am inspired to see the response to your wonderful efforts. I hope we can continue our small effort here. So small and meaning so much! My sincere thanks to you for your selfless actions in taking what’s needed to the heart of that need

    • smallsforall Says:

      Barbara, thanks for your comment and for your help, your donations will def find their way to Africa this year. The plan for the next couple of weeks is to set the wheels in motion to get charity status and work out the next trip. Look out for the next update on 20 February!

  9. Susan Watt Says:

    Dear Maria

    Fantastic photographs!

    It was wonderful to see the children looking happy all because of your dedication and hard work. Such a simple gift for them but you have made a huge difference.

    Well done – all because of you!

    If you need any help let me know.

    Love Susan

  10. Andrea Byrne(Stella's friend) Says:

    Hi Marie, Stella sent me a message to look at the pictures you had posted. The last few days I have been feeling unwell nursing a cold and feeling quite sorry for myself, but when I looked at these photos it certainly lifted my spirits and made me realise how lucky we all are. I thoroughly enjoyed helping out with this project and got a real buzz when I received yet another bag of pants. The photos are wonderful and I felt really emotional when I looked at them. I wish you all the best. Well done to you for your hard work and dedication. Andrea

  11. Tracey A_D Says:

    Maria, you’re a star-the most understated in the universe. You do such good things for great causes. Keep doing what you’re doing as the world is a better place with you in it. Good luck with smalls for all.Tracey

  12. smallsforall Says:

    I can’t believe you did this when you got home! Thanks Tracey, can’t believe 4 weeks tonight I will be on my way back to Kenya with hopefully 2000 undies!!

  13. Carole McGinley Says:

    Hi Maria, fab photos ur a star darlin, they look so happy. C u on monday ma darlin. xxxx

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