Update 8th November 2009

Well I had a fun Saturday afternoon surrounded by 1211 items of underwear!  With the help of Angie and Holly we soon had them sorted into 3 lots (women, boys, girls) then we sorted them further into ages and sizes.  No sooner than we’d finished though and I had a text from Bettsie saying another 132 items were on their way to me, was going to push my luck and ask him to sort for me but reckon I know what he’d say…

Was out of the office at the end of last week so am a bit nervous about what I’m going into tomorrow.  I owe Mr McIntyre a fish and chips lunch as he’s been a “pant mule” bringing the donations through from Glasgow, he emailed me to say he had “2 big bags full of pants”, he’d taken a holdall through but he couldn’t get them all in.  

Was on a course Thursday and Friday, I knew most of the people there but there were some people I had never met before.  Unfortunately, Mr Halley as we were standing getting registered and introduced, made the comment ” before we leave tomorrow mind me to give you your pants, they’re in the car”.  

Will post an update over the next few days.



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